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Harpy Suicide, often known as just "Harpy" and often stylized as "HASU" is a music producer and visual artist hailing from the mysterious and untamed lands of "New England." They are a lot like Thanos in the way that every time they die they just come back. This is because god owes Harpy 20 bucks and is avoiding them. Harpy is mostly just sludge, but if you dig around enough you might find a tasty morsel of cheese.

Harpy looking cute :3

Goop House Discography[edit | edit source]

Volume Song Side
3 Crystal Palm N/A
3 Glitter Glue N/A
4 Angel Meat B
5 Entrusted To Your Mercy A
6 Axygen N/A

War with "The Minute Hand"[edit | edit source]

You are not allowed to know about this.