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Z the Stranger posing in front of a picture of snow.
Z the Stranger posing in front of a picture of snow.

Z the Stranger is an American electronic music producer and rapper. Based in eastern Massachusetts, Z has been releasing self-produced experimental hip-hop projects since 2017. They initially created some small buzz in the South Shore's indie folk scene, playing shows in which they stuck out due to such a genre disparity. Throughout the year of 2020, Z would work closely with the greatest Juggalo rapper alive, Jaygo. Those sessions would eventually culminate in the album ICON LIVID and Z's own coming out as nonbinary.

Z had always been inspired by left field hip-hop acts, substituting the more common middle school emo phase with the output of the Strange Music record label. That fascination would eventually lead to discovering the work of JPEGMAFIA, whom has since become their greatest influence. Alongside this, however, was a draw toward the more bubbly and feminine music coming from PC Music and the late and dearly beloved SOPHIE. Diving into that world of music was one of the many catalysts to Z's gender awakening.

Z first encountered Goop House on twitter during the Goop Week 3, when fellow Goop House affiliate WoopDoo tweeted about their contribution to the project. Z joined soon after and submitted a song almost immediately. The song, Extremely Online, was posted to Soundcloud with the release of Goop House Volume Three. During the listening party for the compilation, xyzeux called dibs on working with Z for Volume Four, which did come to fruition with Goopatroopa in Heck being released on Side A of that project. Through Goop House, Z was able to meet producer F1regek, whom they have collaborated with on multiple occasions. The first of these was alongside XDtheMeme and appeared on Side B of Goop House Volume Five, entitled What is Music.

Album art for Lad. Z the Stranger in front of a tree in Boston Common holding their plush proboscis monkey named Lad.
Album art for Lad.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Year Album Date Genres
2017 Rose February 15 Ambient, Drone, Electronic
2017 City of Ghosts August 24 Hip-hop, Electronic
2018 Jay March 13 Ambient, Drone, Electronic
2018 The Anchor May 12 Electronic, Hip-hop, Pop
2020 ICON LIVID June 15 Hip-hop, Electronic, Pop
2020 Lying Figure October 31 Hip-hop, Electronic
2021 Much Better Than This (with Jaygo) April 24 Hip-hop
2021 Lad August 20 Hip-hop, Electronic, Pop
2022 Glassblower Tape February 25 Hip-hop
2022 Pink Shrimp June 24 Pop, Electronic
2022 Rejoice October 28 Experimental