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Wonton Music is a musical/visual artist in Goop House. They are known for creating the Goop House website as well as making some banger producer tags.

They also made a song for Goop House Vol. 2, called Outmymind , hailed by critics as "cracked" and "inasne" [sic].

wonton fuckign music
Pronouns They/them
Also known as Wonton Music, DJ Heteroflexible,

Lil Toasty, Yung Stock Buyback

Origin Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Genres Electronic, Hyperpop, Dariacore,

Drum & Bass

Instrument/DAW Logic Pro X, Drums, Bass, Guitar,

Keyboard, Vocals

Occupation(s) Bald
Years Active 2017 - Present
Associated Acts Salv The Dog, Bagelboyz,

Geeseteeth, Fkntay, Ceres,

Goop House, Lil Ugly Mane

Website https://wontonmusic.art
Fucking Your mom Cry about it.jpg