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Wilson is an In-N-Out sauce packet born on October 22, 2021. He is a Rhizopus stolonifer-goopious.

His owner made the decision soon after acquiring him to keep him. He was transferred inside a ziplock bag in order for extra protection for Wilson himself and the safety of those around him.

Over the span of a few days, Wilson began to expand, filling the packet with gas and becoming firm. Overtime, the sauce packet would slowly deflate back to its normal capacity for some unknown reason, and the handler of Wilson made the decision to never open up the ziplock baggie.


Fun Facts:[edit | edit source]

  • Wilson can be used in dire needs of self defense. He has been on record stating he is "fine with being a martyr for his master to live1."
  • Overtime, the pickles inside of Wilson's organ slowly turned black.
  • His primary time outside of his owners backpack occurs during precalculus, where most of the owners classmates admire him unlike in other places.

Adversaries:[edit | edit source]

Wilson's main rival is the teacher of his owners precalculus class during 3o. While this teacher appeared to be neutral at first, even giving the plastic bag Wilson would call home to his owner, she has become more abrasive over time, recently exclaiming "Oh God," in disappointment seeing him. She believes he is a dumb science experiment that will only lead to a weird and perhaps dangerous mess to clean up.2

1: Records could not be found

2: Never explicitly stated. Only heavily implied through the soul windows that are her eyes.

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