List of All Cases of Shirin Using @here

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This is a list of every time Shirin has used the @here command in the GOOP HOUSE server.

This list might not cover since deleted @here pings.

Comprehensive Catalogue of @here by Shirin[edit | edit source]

All cases of @here by user Shirin[edit | edit source]

Date @here Sent Time @here Sent (CST) Content included with @here Channel @here sent in
5/08/21 9:17 P.M @here be sure to go leave comments and love on all the tracks ur hearing <3 goop-chat
5/12/21 3:47 P.M important goop house announcement @here Note: NICEST VIDEO IN THE WORLD) general
5/18/21 8:07 P.M @here look at this general
5/18/21 8:11 P.M @here okay it’s an mp4 now look at this video general
5/18/21 11:47 P.M @here go vouch >;3 promo
5/19/21 8:43 P.M @here new goop house gender just dropped general
5/21/21 5:12 P.M @here ONE HOUR LEFT goop-chat
5/28/21 4:52 P.M @here 30 minutes left ! goop-chat
5/28/21 5:20 P.M @here 5 MINUTE WARNING(edited) goop-chat
5/28/21 5:25 P.M @here TIMES UP!! COME BACK TO VC!! goop-chat
6/04/21 10:02 P.M @here GOOP GLASSES general
6/05/21 6:57 P.M @here hop in get gooped >:) goop-chat
6/08/21 1:11 A.M @here help me own d*vid shawty promo
6/12/21 8:32 P.M @here make sure ur muted !! goop-chat
6/19/21 12:20 P.M @here it’s actually @!!!! tracey goops ‘s birthday everyone wish her a happy birthday <3 general
6/21/21 4:41 P.M @here announcements
6/21/21 4:41 P.M @here announcements
6/22/21 6:58 P.M @here general
6/24/21 6:06 P.M @here certified gooper @niztopia is doing another charity stream! send your music to get reviewed and donate to a good cause <3 promo
6/27/21 6:28 P.M @here check out this moth general
6/28/21 2:38 P.M @here using my @ here powers for evil and bad general
7/03/21 8:02 P.M @here 10 minutes B) vs-gooptent
7/03/21 8:09 P.M @here 10 more minutes >:) vc-gooptent
7/03/21 8:20 P.M @here TIMES UP goop-chat
7/12/21 9:09 P.M @here Note:MEANEST VIDEO IN THE WORLD) general
7/14/21 2:01 P.M @here hey lol vc-gooptent
7/16/21 4:00 P.M @here general
7/18/21 5:42 P.M @here GUYS DNDNFNND IM CRYING WHAT DO I DO general
7/18/21 6:30 P.M @here go say thank you (Editors Note:Shoutout @jennpelly) general
7/27/21 4:03 P.M @here babe wake up new shirin ms paint poem just dropped art
8/03/21 12:01 P.M @here please go mass report this jedwill impersonator! he got into my personal twitter because I thought jedwill accidentally unfollowed me and he did the same to a bunch of others. general
8/03/21 10:45 P.M @here goop house mood board general
8/10/21 2:11 A.M @here join us (Editors Note: In Reference to Jedwill VC Deafened Incident) vc-gooptent
8/10/21 2:25 A.M @here So concludes this goopxperiment. Please exit the VC in an orderly fashion. vc-gooptent
8/10/21 3:47 P.M @here general
8/10/21 7:07 P.M @here "shirin u ping too much" um um um balls announcements

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • The amount of times Shirin has used the @here to ratio is 1 time and every time the ratio has failed. Sad!
  • The total amount of @here pings is 36. That means @here is used about 1/3 as often as @everyone. Very Cool!
  • Shirin is the nicest person in the world (This claim is not disputed by any living being, proof being the @here on 5/12/21).

Graphs[edit | edit source]

(Insert multiple graphs showcasing Shirin using @everyone in different channels, times of the day, amount per day, etc.)

Further Reading[edit | edit source]

For further reading please see the page List of All Cases of Shirin Using @everyone, also see Shirin.