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Origins[edit | edit source]

The origin of the "Lake Trend"

"Lake" is a trend started by tumblr user exitwound, who "dreamt that twitter user x_c4yb0yTH0Ti3_x started a trend calling things “lake” that led to the word taking on a bunch of new meanings so like if you got wet in the rain youd say “bro im literally lake” and people were tagging funny posts as “LAKE EYESS” and misha collins was laking out of his ass at a walmart in every destiel fic and then it also started to replace “like”, so you might say something like “this is lake Literally so iconic” (note the capitalization of the word after lake as if it was the actual name of the lake) and eventually every post on my dash was stuff like “it’s laking absolute penis” and “it’s literally a lake girl monday” and “would a lake say this about a kia sorrento?” and “what an absolute lake in the cock” etc" (Source).

Initial Growth of the Trend[edit | edit source]

Shirin, the target of this dream, soon responded to the post and asked everyone to make exitwound's dream come true. This request led to its spread on twitter via Jedwill1999 and other users. The first mention of this "lake" trend on Discord came from Goop House user Z the Stranger who simply stated "lake house" in #general and the first mass ping came from bardia which included a simple picture of a lake with the caption "this is literally lake". This ping started a long, extremely academic conversation about lakes in #general including messages like "its laking complete penis" and "nipple lake".