Jedwill VC Deafened Incident

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On August 10, 2021, Jedwill had been sitting alone in the goop house voice channel "goop-vc" for several hours, muted and defeated. A few people joined and also muted and deafened, leading to several jokes and tweets. The first recorded non-Jedwill to join and deafen was at 2:28 A.M EST. At 3 A.M EST, a total of 10 users were present in the voice chat. This included unixia, Bardia, cat.flp, Drew, harpy, Jedwill, JudeEgg, spacey, and zander, as seen in this tweet by cat.flp. However, soon more and more people started joining. GOOP HOUSE Owner Shirin then pinged "@here" at 3:11 A.M EST. After that ping, chaos ensued. Silent chaos. Half the server joined and also muted and deafened.

After some time, everyone changed their names to "goop" and started spamming "goop" in #vc-gooptent. This lead to serval computers crashing, and as such, the channel got locked by the mods after a while.

When that wasn't funny anymore, people started using OBS Virtual Camera to display the video of a man eating ruffles, among other variations of it. Thing 1, one of the numerous men eating ruffles, was seen playing "Minecraft" and the "Among Ass" gif. Another one of the men eating ruffles was not the man eating ruffles, but instead Goop House Member L!NK, disguised amongst them. A third OBS user, cat.flp, nicknamed "Thing 3", featured a more compressed and distorted gif of the man along with gameplay of "Roblox Crossroads". Members started queuing various songs to serve as background music to the chip eating, most of which were emo classics such as My Chemical Romance, joked about in a now deleted tweet by Unixia.

In the aftermath of the event, the voice chat found itself with less people and a more calm environment, where Dynastic would then show off a currently unreleased song, snippet seen in this this tweet.

Documentation of the Incident[edit | edit source]

Videos and Images of the incident: