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Goop House FM is the fictional radio (now real) channel for Goop House, created through fake stingers and DJ tags.

Proelia posting the tag into the #general channel in the Goop House discord

Origin[edit | edit source]

In preparation for the first GOOP WEEK, the members were creating stingers, DJ tags, and vocal shouts for watermarking and signifying Goop House tracks. During this, Chaz came up with the idea for a sound effect similar to those found on radio channels.

The first Goop House FM tag was created using vocals by Matt Lockshaw and Jess, a background beat made by Proelia, and an airhorn. The tag did not end up getting used in any track.

Becoming Real[edit | edit source]

Chaz coming up with the idea for Goop House FM

Goop House mod bardia created a real online radio station, that plays the radio tag every 3 songs, to fulfill the dream of GOOP House FM. Additionally, he created a 24/7 Youtube live stream that uses the audio from the radio station on the Goop House Youtube.