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"GOOP HOUSE VOLUME ONE" was the first compilation album of "GOOP WEEK" tracks. Released on May 8th, 2021, submissions were due a week after the cover art, made by Shirin, was revealed on May 1st.

Consisting of various genres such as hyperpop, future-bass, dubstep, metal, house, and many more, VOLUME ONE was a first look at the diversity present in GOOP HOUSE. Despite only having what now would be considered a small number of 29 tracks, the artists had interpreted the image in very different ways, as seen in the frustrated "haunting me" by c4 tboy and st1cks, and the confused lyrics of "ion know" by yungmaple.

The full listening party can be viewed in this YouTube video from cat.flp.

Every artist on this compilation has died as a result of a horrific plane crash near the Pacific Ocean.

Cover Art for Volume One

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Artist(s) Length
1 "Bestie I'm Afraid To Ask You This" Out Of Phase 2:35
2 "Sick Of This Luv" cat.flp 2:31
3 "Goop" nhate 2:39
4 "Markiplier Type Beat" Lim 1:36
5 "wildfire" (prod. travels + wishlane) dylan longworth 2:51
6 "Candy Skin" dollar tree 3:58
7 "OUT HERE (GOOP N BERRIES)" Knock Monsterr 1:34
8 "Goop Final" ria & Endie 1:55
9 "ion know" yungmaple 1:41
10 "Oh, You Big Slatt?" Rubik 2:21
11 "accidently roblox.mp3" OTS 3:30
12 "BOTTOM (the goop cut)" simon m & stephen 2:54
13 "t0p" saiko. 1:31
14 "Jelly Charge" s075, 2a03fox & Raphlesia 2:48
15 "Math Doe Goopverge" proelia 2:10
16 "plastic" Cr0wsg0ld 1:41
17 "GOOP HOSTS COAST 2 COAST" keygencore, enzowoah, & Dynastic 3:37
18 "Implant" ANGiE AK 3:40
19 "slow goopy" Interpunct 2:52
20 "fast goopy" Interpunct 2:37
21 "2 hour gooprun wr any%" Nider 1:34
22 "angst bullshit (instrumental remix)" popwitchivry & saint dagger 3:00
23 "angst bullshit" popwitchivry & saint dagger 3:15
24 "lovesick" suyuki 3:08
25 "what!?" Neanderthal 1:32
26 "obsidian" Xx_devil_gurlz_xX 2:42
27 "HALALPOP" (prod. mijaru, NOTKHALED) c4 tboy 2:30
28 "haunting me" (prod. st1cks) c4 tboy 1:23
29 "thank goop it's friday" saoirse dream 1:29
Notes[edit | edit source]

Appeal/Fun Facts[edit | edit source]