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The promotional poster and setlist of GOOP FEST.

Taking place on August 28th, 2021, GOOP FEST was a charity URLfest hosted by 1833 and backlight on the GOOP HOUSE Twitch channel. All proceeds from the event went to The International Railroad for Queer Refugees and other additional charities. Donations can be made on their website

Matching GOOP HOUSE's uniqueness, the festival differed from other events by featuring a headliner block format, where a few artists would have sets leading up to a headliner. Those few performers beforehand varied from small artists with just over 100 followers to artists with thousands, and were encouraged to use songs from previous GOOP WEEK compilations. Headliners included beloved artists Moore Kismet, Umru, Fraxiom, Sebii, Underscores, and Left At London. The full, ordered setlist can be found below and in the poster made by NOTKHALED, who also made the artist promo pictures (Umru, Mijaru).

Setlist[edit | edit source]