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The dancing little man ("ⶍ") is a dancing little man. Not much is known about the little dancing man's origins, which sprouted multiple theories in the Goop House community.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The origins of the character is unknown, but multiple theories have been created to justify its existence.

Cause of the heat death of the universe[edit | edit source]

A common theory is that ⶍ will cause the heat death of the universe once it will be finally deleted.

Representation of god himself[edit | edit source]

A less common theory is that ⶍ is actually a representation of god himself. This theory has been critiqued for its lack of basis on real fact, and it being much likely just a guess rather than a theory.

"Literally 1984"[edit | edit source]

The least common theory is that ⶍ is in fact a brainwashing agent sent by the U.S. government to make the citizens of the United States enroll in the Secret Goop War of 1987, which quickly got out of hand and spread to the rest of the world.

Jedwill[edit | edit source]

Some think that this dancing little man is Jonathan. He's known for doing a silly little dance on TikTok :3