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An icon of cat.flp made by luc1frrr.

cat.flp, also known by her online username "xcxevie", side project "SPLITTERGIRLZ", and first name "Evie", is an electronic artist from Ontario, Canada. Joining GOOP HOUSE during it's earliest of stages, she is considered to be an "og gooper" by Shirin, which contributed to her becoming a moderator of the server and part of the GOOP HOUSE internship team.

She is known for making cute hyperpop tracks with catchy lyrics, all the while making soft and emotional ambient ballads. These more gentle tracks greatly contrasted her speedcore, gabber, and hardcore tracks found in songs such as "Be Near Me" with DJ Raverobber, alongside her NICHICORE series posted on the SPLITTERGIRLZ account.

Evie found herself to quickly become deeply involved with various members of the community and surrounding scene, first hinted in her GOOP HOUSE VOLUME ONE collaboration with fellow moderator Chaz, titled "obsidian". The two would eventually meet again after joining the newly created "bear club" collective led by saint dagger, along with other prominent GOOP HOUSE artists such as gemini and button maker among others. After falling in love with the GOOP HOUSE VOLUME FOUR track "the city", by Aloeveria, the two would interact on Discord and eventually join forces with artists -Alow, Ambynt, and Fairything to form the group "Webpage 505". They would release their first track "Bubblegum" on GOOP HOUSE VOLUME FIVE (SIDE A), and host a URL fest on Twitch called 505FEST.

While all these connections and friendships formed, cat.flp also was involved in many important GOOP HOUSE events, such as performing for the GOOP FEST charity event on August 28th, 2021. She would play in the Fraxiom batch, along with Iris Day and Jedwill, mashing up songs from GOOP Weeks, the general hyperpop scene, with additional emo and Eurodance hits. A recording of the event, recorded by popular archival channel flashmemories, can be found here. Later, during the GOOP WEEK VOLUME SIX charity week, Evie would play a set for a mini GOOP FEST event, following Jedwill and Left At London.

For more information, a Carrd with cat.flp's social media, profiles on streaming services and obituary can be found here.

A photo of cat.flp with pink hair. She is dead.

Discography[edit | edit source]

An image of cat.flp on the GOOP HOUSE creative Minecraft Server.
Every cat.flp GOOP HOUSE song
No. Title Album(s) Artist Additional Artist(s)
1 "sick of this luv" GOOP HOUSE VOLUME ONE cat.flp N/A
2 "obsidian" GOOP HOUSE VOLUME ONE Xx_devil_gurlz_xX Chaz
3 "cat nap (zzz)" beat challenge #1 cat.flp N/A
4 "not a girl boss (your loss)" beat challenge #2 2monodn N/A
5 "soup house" GOOP HOUSE VOLUME TWO cat.flp toastywav, Don't Tremble, Azkii, gemini, Fkntay, Interpunct, & F1regek
6 "go with the flow" GOOP HOUSE VOLUME TWO cat.flp N/A
7 "Raincloud" beat challenge #3 cat.flp N/A
8 "myspace" GOOP HOUSE VOLUME THREE cat.flp N/A
9 "face all red" GOOP HOUSE VOLUME THREE cat.flp F1regek, fkntay, & gemini
10 "idk what's next!" GOOP HOUSE VOLUME FOUR cat.flp N/A
11 "Bubblegum" GOOP HOUSE VOLUME FIVE (SIDE A) Webpage 505 -Alow, Ambynt, aloeveria, & Fairything
12 "goopboy/goopgirl" GOOP HOUSE VOLUME SIX cat.flp Ambynt