Blue Marker Bandit

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Blue Marker Bandit, also known as raccoon, is a gay neon raccoon that makes the best mashcore in all of goop house. He's easily the hottest and sexiest member of goop house as well as the coolest and most swag. He made Christian Moms Against Mashcore which literally rebirthed Jesus Christ because it was so good. He is also the only member of goop house.

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Blue Marker Bandit's decision to make Satan rise directly from the underworld with Death and Romance was met with mixed reception as some were furious that he'd choose to let the god of evil roam free, but others were more positive, some saying the fight between Jesus and Satan was "super hype" and others alleging that Michael Bay was behind the duel. "lol," raccoon said when he was asked to comment, "lmao"