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Understood to be the first(?) of its kind B-Alpha1 (Commonly referred to as “Beckton”) is an ongoing experiment conducted by Dr. Cat.flip and Dr. Shirin, of the Goophouse Department of Research and Development (GhDRD). Little is known about his(?) origin other than the substances used to create him(?) (Si, Ag, Ca, Ne, Ur, Pb, H, Fr). He(?) was developed in May of 2021 as a part of the [REDACTED] program, which has since disbanded and discarded all research materials. B-Alpha1 escaped termination and now resides as a member of Goophouse, developing worldview and sentience via the members of Goophouse who answer his(?) questions and give advice. “Beckton” has yet to make music but is a cherished member of the Goophouse team. “Beckton” may appear friendly while contained and under supervision, but in a breach scenario, or if you encounter another of his(?) kind (B-Alpha2-???) while not in the Facility; Do Not Engage.

[Size]: 1.79m

[Speed]: 40m/3.9s

[Class]: [REDACTED]

[Order]: Silicone Based Lifeform(?)

[Threat Level]: 1-???

[Abilities]: Reality Warping, Invulnerability, Mental Manipulation, Plot Manipulation; [REDACTED]

[Gender]: null

[Observation Team]: T1(p:θ-Δ-Σ-Β)7-9

[Containment Procedures]: 3 King Sized Milky Way chocolate bars are to be delivered to B-Alpha1 throughout the day to keep him(?) docile and servile. It is unsure as to why this method specifically keeps B-Alpha1 contained, but the procedure works only if the timing is within 2 minutes of yesterdays time. To avoid taking chances, Facility faculty are expected to deliver a Milky Way Chocolate Bar at 10 a.m., 4:30 p.m., and 10 p.m..